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10 Tips to Save Money on Outdoor Lighting

April 3, 2010

Outdoor lighting is a very popular upgrade for home improvement. This form of additional lighting to the home improves the beauty of your front or even back lawn. When properly implemented, outdoor lighting can provide enough light for night activities for your family and friends. It’s also one of the recommended security measures for your home since lights will usually stave off burglars from your home.

But outdoor lighting is not just placing a lamp in various places outside your home. There are certain factors you should consider before attaching any lighting fixtures outside your house or else you’ll end up spending a lot in lighting up the exterior of your property.
1. Know more about your lawn - a good way to prevent excessive purchases on lamps and other lighting fixtures is to know exactly what you need. Evaluate your lawn and see the appropriate lighting that you need to add.
2. Functionality and style - it is important to have a good looking outdoor lighting fixture in your property. However, you might end up spending too much without gaining the proper lighting coverage that you need. Aside from style, check if the lights you’re considering should be enough to cover your lawn.
3. Check with your home insurance provider - outdoor lighting can help you save on home insurance since it’s considered an added security for your property. Talk to your home insurance provider on the required lighting in order to have the right outdoor lighting that will secure your area.
4. Consider motion detectors - if you’re not very particular about outdoor lighting but would like to have increased security, consider motion detectors. This will not only help you protect your property but will also help you save on your electric bill.
5. Consider low voltage lighting - the improvement of technology has also prompted new gadgets that will still be efficient but can help you save on electricity. Look for outdoor lights that have low voltage lighting to prevent spending too much on electricity bills. Remember that your outdoor lights might stay on for more than eight hours.
6. Consider PV outdoor lights - PV or photovoltaic are relatively expensive form of lighting fixture for the outdoors but can offer great savings in the long run. This type ofoutdoor lighting converts sunlight into electricity that should be enough to power the outdoor fixture for the night.
7. Avoid using too much decorative outdoor lamps - it doesn’t even matter if you use electricity or gas for decorative lamps. They may look good from the outside but it will cost you considerably if you don’t switch them off before you sleep at night.
8. Use CFL Lights - If you’re not looking for a decorative lighting fixture in your property, consider using CFL for outdoor use. Just make sure that you’re using CFL in outdoors that will not go below 40 degrees since CFL lights will not work in this temperature range.
9. Sunlight is your friend – aside from powering your PV lights, the sun can become your security outdoor lighting. Monitor the time of the day the sun rises so that you can switch off the outdoor lighting as soon as the sun rises. It may require you to be out of bed for a few minutes, but it’s a great money saving technique.
10. Keep it simple – you don’t need to have expensive outdoor lighting fixtures to have the security and beauty you need for your home. Keep it simple as the lights you use at night will naturally make your outdoor look better.

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