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When the economy started heading south, with no end in site, we decided to create as a source for consumers and small businesses of all backgrounds to use to help deal with this upheaval in the economy, workplace and home. Moving from an economy of conspicuous consumption to thrift is not an easy one, whatever your background might be – so we built this site to help you navigate the challenges you face, to help you save money, find jobs, and build your incomes in a difficult market.

We have broken the site down into the following areas:

  • Auto & Gas
  • Financial Health
  • Home and Family
  • Medical
  • Shopping

  • In addition, we have listings of great coupons and deals.

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    Eric Targan, CEO & Founder

    Eric Targan, founder of BTC Interactive is a "young veteran" and pioneer of the internet World having created online companies as early as 1995, as a co-founder of Groceries Online, the world's first internet shopping company. He then founded The Humor Network, the first online company to employ Viral Marketing as a business model with, reaching tens of millions subscribers and being one of the very first companies to develop advertising in email.

    Eric is considered one of the experts in e-mail marketing. He is the publisher of E-mail Marketing News and has written for DM (Direct Marketing) News and SRDS, considered by many the advertising and direct marketing bible. He has also been a frequent speaker and chairman of several conferences focused on email marketing. Eric was also the founder of three other companies including: The Political Action Hotline, Targan Publishing and TWT, a Trading company operating in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. His background also includes Wharton finance and Bain & Company. He and his companies have been featured in hundreds of national and international publications including CNN, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal. is a site created by BTC Development Group, one of the internet’s pioneering companies which has been entertaining and informing web surfers since 1995.

    Tammy Wood, Director of Online Marketing

    David Carlier, Online Marketing Assistant

    Heather Kinsley, University Relations
    Heather is a senior at University of Texas Austin and is in charge of University relations.