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Credit Card Changes and Laws Now Enforced

Did you know your credit card rights were changing?

Protection From Arbitrary Rate Increases

Credit card companies are now required to provide cardholders with a minimum 45-day notice on any interest rate increase, allowing consumers enough time to consider their options. Additionally, most promotional APRs will be required to last for a minimum of 6 months.

The Right to Have Rates Reviewed and Reduced

Issuers are required to review APRs of all accounts every 6 months to see if a reduction in APR is warranted.

No Universal Default

Drawing on credit reports from other issuers, credit card companies used to be able to raise interest rates to the default rate if the cardholder defaulted on another credit card. Now, they can only focus on the cardholder’s payment record concerning their particular card.
No double-cycle billing

Double-cycle billing allows for credit card companies to compute finance charges based… read more

Opening A T-Shirt Business

Selling your personally designed t-shirts can be a hobby and a good source of income. Because of technology, you don't need to establish an expensive t-shirt printing facility just to have impressive t-shirt designs. Some have even established million-dollar companies because of the success of their t-shirt business But just like most businesses, there are certain factors that you have to consider as these factors can determine success or failure of your business.

It’s a Recession What Now?

Everyone is complaining about recession. This traumatizing economic period is affecting everyone since various industries are losing money fast and their losses are not only passed on to their employees but to consumers as well. As a result, everyone else suffers because they are at the receiving end of those losses After all, a business has to remain active until recession ends so that rebounding would easier.

Investing In Tax Lien Property

Buying A Home
Are you stalled in your tax lien portfolio because you think you need to know more before you get started? Tax lien investing is really not that complex. You just need to follow these 5 basic steps. 1 Choose where you will invest The first step is to choose the state and county or counties that you want to invest in.