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How To Buy The Best Cell Phone

January 14, 2010

10 Tips For Buying a Cell Phone
Cell Phones
Mobile phones used to be seen as a luxury since not everyone has them and the practical use of mobile phones is not yet established. But mobile phones today have become necessary for almost everyone.

Businesses that need to be in constant connection with their employees, parents who want to keep in touch with their children and even friends who just want to consistently keep in touch with others see the necessity of a mobile phone.

But you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars in a mobile phone. Here are a few tricks that you can use to avoid spending too much on this important communication device:

• Know the features you need – There are those who wanted to use their mobile phone for entertainment, internet connection, phone calls and text messaging which could really cost them. But if you only need a mobile phone for affordable phone calls and text messaging, there are phones that can do the task.

• Consider coverage – choosing a mobile phone provider is also important and the main reason why you should choose them wisely is the coverage. Take note of the places you’ll constantly visit and choose a provider that cover these areas.

• Research on battery – before you purchase a specific mobile phone, take note of the battery capacity of a mobile phone. Take note of the two factors: talk time and standby time. Standby time is very different from talk time so choose wisely which battery feature you would prefer.

• Handling – the best thing about mobile phones is that they are small enough to be used with only one hand. However, some sizes may not actually work well with your fingers. Try using themobile phone before you purchase it so that you won’t have any difficult time sending texts or making phone calls.

• Screen size – another important feature you should consider is the screen size. Because of the importance of text messaging, a screen size comfortable to your eyes should be selected. Browsing through various services and features in a mobile phone is easier when your eyes can work well with the relatively smaller screen size.

• Check the sounds – some mobile phones can be configured with different ring tones and message alerts. Choose a mobile phone with this feature or select a simple mobile phone that will provide a decent ring tone. Also, take note on how you can control these sounds.

• Look out for knockoffs – there are mobile phones that sounds too good to be true in terms of pricing. But before you allow your credit card to be charged, take a closer look at the manufacturer. You might be purchasing a knock off which only offers the same look but the experience is not the same and some features are not available.

• Prepaid vs. postpaid – most of the mobile phones today could be obtained with a plan because the prepaid versions are very expensive. But if you’re not a heavy mobile phone user, find a very simple mobile phone so that you can use it as prepaid.

• After sales support – never purchase a mobile phone with limited service warranty. Their warranty should be no less than a year and would offer immediate replacement if the mobile phone will not work on first days of usage.

Purchasing in bulk enjoy considerable savings when you purchase more than one mobile phone. This is recommended if some members of your family need a mobile phone. The features may not be as impressive as the latest mobile phone but they can do the basic tasks essential in mobile communication.
One option is T-Mobile prepaid services and mobile phones if you are not a heavy phone user.

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