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Surviving Being Admitted To The Hospital Part 2

Saving Money On Hospital Bills

No one looks forward to a loved one ( or yourself ) being admitted to the hospital, however, sometimes it is a necessary procedure and cannot be avoided. Here are some of our helpful tips to survive the hospital visit or stay.

You Are A Visitor

If you are planning to visit someone who is in the hospital, please keep these things in mind:

If the person you are visiting has had surgery, then it is likely s/he will be sleeping most of the day for a day or so. Respect the patient’s need for rest. Make your visit short. If it is obvious that the time you’ve chosen to visit isn’t the best time for the patient, then leave.

How to Survive Being Admitted to the Hospital

Let's face it---being in the hospital is no fun. In fact, even though it is the place to be when you are sick and need medical attention, it's just no place to be if you are sick. Walk through any hospital ward and you'll notice that everything is in constant motion, people are talking, equipment is banging and beeping, and there's no place to get any peace and quiet It's no wonder that people who are in the hospital are always asking the question: "When can I go home?" Of course, if you have to be in the hospital, then you go and you make the best of it.

Preparing For a Medical Emergency Part 2

We continue our articles on preparing for a medical emergency. Known Allergies: Even if you take medication for them, be sure to list the specific allergies that you deal with. Also, if you have "unpleasant reactions" to eating particular foods (not really an allergy, per se), you should make note of that as well During a medical emergency there are many factors that come into play and giving a treating paramedic and/or physician too much information is better than not giving them enough information.

Be Prepared For a Medical Emergency Part 1

Your next medical emergency is just as likely to happen at 2:17am as it is at 3:15pm---any day of the week. Your medical emergency may involve a trip to the local Emergency Room or an unexpected hospitalization. It could also happen while you are on vacation (in a strange town) or while you're visiting Aunt Betsy at the old family homestead No matter where it happens, you can be prepared.

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