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Opening A T-Shirt Business

December 5, 2009

Selling your personally designed t-shirts can be a hobby and a good source of income. Because of technology, you don’t need to establish an expensive t-shirt printing facility just to have impressive t-shirt designs. Some have even established million-dollar companies because of the success of their t-shirt business.

But just like most businesses, there are certain factors that you have to consider as these factors can determine success or failure of your business. When these factors are considered and dealt with professionally, you will be able to considerably improve your t-shirt business.

1. Research and Planning - don’t just purchase the equipment and start printing. Research on the viability of your product and design. It’s no use to push your product to those who are not receptive to the idea. Along with research, careful planning should be implemented in order to create a systematic development ofyour business.

2. Checking competition - never ignore your competition since they can easily destroy your business by sheer quality and price. Learn more on the quality of their product so that you’ll be able to match or even go beyond what they can do to their customers.

3. Work within the budget - never think that you’ll be able to sell t-shirts on the first day of operation. Always have enough funds that will last you at least two months of operation. Extending your spending can only cause massive debt with little to no earnings.

4. Know how to promote - a good way to improve your business is through smart marketing. If you’re focused on local selling, start by promoting your t-shirt in your area through your local media such as FM stations. Remember thatt-shirts will most likely attract younger audience so you have to know where to market.

5. Go online - the t-shirt business is all about images and your likely buyers are constantly online. Save a few percentage of your initial capital to set up a good looking website. Never restrict yourself to free web hosting because it will only destroy your image as you’ll suffer through pop-ups. Your customers will think that you’re not really convinced on the look of your product.

6. Consider auction sites - aside from a good looking website, another option for improving your business is to consider auctioning your shirts online. You don’t have to sell your t-shirts at a very low price as you can start with something reasonable and slowly earn more.

7. Invest in a good editing application - there is a big chance that you’re be using photo editing applications if you’re considering to sell highly graphic t-shirts. Get the best applications possible or even buy a licensed application to get the best editing tools for your t-shirt.

8. Seek help - you don’t have to do everything in your t-shirt business. If you’re planning to grow, you need to have enough manpower that can help you achieve your goal. If you can’t pay for help, look for a partner who can share the start-up cost.

9. Being persistent - retail business is very discouraging in the first few days. This is especially true if you don’t have the recognition yet as a reputable designer. Just be sure you stick to your marketing plan so that you’ll be able to draw attention to your business locally and online.

10. Love the business - never go into this business just because you think there is an opportunity. Learn to love the business as this requires patience and you’ll most likely receive a lot of criticisms and praise for your designs.

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