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June 18, 2009

The most likely reason you’re looking at this site is because you heard that it’s possible to get paid money to drive your car, or you heard you can get a car to use for free. While both of these are possible, the truth is that getting them won’t be nearly as easy as a lot of websites make it out to be. There’s a fair amount of luck needed to get chosen to participate. Start Now!

The get paid to drive concept gained popularity during the 1990s when roadside advertising was near capacity. Many companies wanted to advertise their service or product to people driving, but billboard and other traditional advertising space along busy roads and highways was severely limited.

A solution to this advertising problem was addressed with car wraps. Companies could advertise their products or services on the outside of cars to reach people driving along the roads where they couldn’t get advertising space on billboards. The car wrap gained popularity through the 1990s when traditional billboard advertising remained tight, but when billboard advertising softened in the late 1990s, this took a heavy toll on the car wrap advertising companies and many of them are no longer in business. Find what company’s are hiring in your area- to drive a FREE BRAND NEW CAR!

The car wrap companies have had to reinvent themselves as niche advertisers for specialty campaigns and that is where they remain at this point. For certain advertising campaigns, the auto wrap still has an appeal of being different than typical advertising.

For companies that are looking for a unique campaign, the auto wrap offers a cost effective way of getting their brand name out there. If a company were to try to do this on their own, purchasing an entire fleet of cars for an advertising campaign would be overly expensive. Instead of purchasing their own cars, companies “rent” space on individual private citizen’s cars. In return for letting the company “wrap” your car with their advertisement, they’ll compensate you with a monthly payment. The payment can be as high as $400 a month for a full car wrap and lesser amounts for a partial car wrap or a window wrap.

Another option that some of these companies offer in place of a car wrap of your own car is giving you a free car with advertisements already on it. You usually don’t get paid in this situation or get to choose the type of car provided, but you do receive free use of the car for the period of the campaign. Your only expenses are gas and insurance meaning that you receive transportation at a fraction of the cost of owning your own car. There have been some rare instances when drivers could get paid in addition to receiving a free car. In specialized campaigns, some companies will pay you to drive the free cars along certain, specified routes each day, but they are extremely rare these days.

So what’s the catch? The main one is there are far more drivers wanting to be paid to drive than advertising campaigns available. If you don’t drive a lot of miles (typically over 800 miles a month) or live in a highly populated area (large college campuses seem to be an ideal location) where the advertisement will be seen by a population the advertisers crave, your chances of being chosen are slim.

While the chances of getting paid to drive are not very good, they are better than playing the lottery. If you meet the requirements and live in an area you believe would be desirable to advertisers, it could be worth the 15 to 30 minutes it takes to fill out a few online forms. If you are lucky and do get picked, you will significantly reduce your driving expenses with little effort on your part.

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