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It’s a Recession What Now?

November 22, 2009

Everyone is complaining about recession. This traumatizing economic period is affecting everyone since various industries are losing money fast and their losses are not only passed on to their employees but to consumers as well. As a result, everyone else suffers because they are at the receiving end of those losses.

After all, a business has to remain active until recession ends so that rebounding would easier. You will notice this in small businesses since their cash flow is very limited and the only way they could ensure their viability in the industry is to increase their charges a little bit.

The Lifestyle and Not the Industry

But if you take a closer look on why consumers are having trouble in dealing with the economy, it is because their lifestyle is still the same even though recession is here. It can easily become difficult for those who do not change their lifestyle to cope up since they opted to remain in their lifestyle which could be more expensive.

As already indicated, some products and services will most likely go up during recession as companies wanted to survive this economic challenge by increasing their fees a little bit. Although no one knows if the prices would go down once recession is over, companies are making the necessary adjustments to survive.

Going Back to the Basics

Recession is the time to go back to what is really important instead of clinging to the lifestyle. Instead of spending too much time on hobbies and personal preferences, the funds that are used to spend on those activities should be directed to more important matters.

Food, clothing and bills on basic services are only some of the important things that should be the main consideration since they are essential for daily survival. If you substitute some of the money on food for hobbies and activities, you will find yourself starving or unable to enjoy your food more since you don’t have the funds.

Sense of Urgency

This form of economic situation does not take breaks and will continue to affect everyone who does not prepare. If you do not act now as a response to the challenges of the current economy, you will find it harder and harder since you have not created any plans on how to deal with recession. Businesses, large and small, are already adjusting and this should be a clue as well for the consumers that they would be to survive recession as well.

This could even get worse since unemployment is still here. You’ll never know when you will be terminated and, when that happens, your source of income is gone. Without any savings or adjustments for recession, you’ll be financially troubled in no time.

Creating “The List”

Drastic times calls for drastic measures but it doesn’t have to be very extreme as it could only cause problems. A good way to deal with recession is to create “the list”. This list will help you and your family set the records straight in terms of what you earn and what you can spend.

Before you start spending your salary, write down everything that you want and need. The whole family should declare their plans for the month so that the necessary budget will be allocated. When “the list” has been created, cuts have to be made especially on things not important for daily sustenance. Hobbies and entertainment will still be there but they have to be substituted by something less expensive or will not require any spending at all.

It is important to adjust your lifestyle based on the economy. By adjusting, you and your family should be able to live comfortably even at the face of recession.
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