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Saving Money On Pet Needs

January 29, 2010

My pets are a part of my immediate family. I love them equal to other family members and would do anything to keep them safe, warm, well fed, loved, and happy.
Pet costs are over a $41 billion industry dollars per year. Times are tough for a lot of households right now, and the cost of goods is not getting any cheaper.
The focus on this article is on how to save you money for dog owners, without sacrificing your dog’s lifestyle.

(1) Clip your dog’s nails
Many dogs hate having their nails clipped. If you start when they are puppies, they will be more accustomed to this, as opposed to starting this custom on an older dog. I suggest you have someone help you if the dog gets fidgety. Your helper can rub your doggie’s tummy or ears to relax them, take to them in loving tones, as you clip away. Remember not to cut into the dog’s “quick”. The quick is the blood vessel in pet dog (as well as cat) nail.
Your dog’s nail should be cut every 2-4 weeks.
Monthly savings: $15 a month.
(2) 3 year shots
Many vets now offer 3 year shots. The typical cost for a vet visit (exam and shots) could run upwards of $100, and more if you have a stool sample analyzed or heart work test. If you are really struggling financially, I suggested finding a vet that offer 3 years shots, to save yourself $200 (Year 1 – $100, Year 2 – $0.00, Year 3 – $0.00; start over again Year 4 – $100). You can save the extra money for a pet emergency, or other medical issue that may rise unexpectedly.
Bi-yearly savings: $200
(3) Groom your own dog
The cost of a grooming session for dogs can range anywhere from $20-$40 (or more). Dog shampoo cost $10 a bottle, and can last for up to a year. If you have a shower with a removable shower sprayer, you can bath Fido in the tub. Set aside some towels that are earmarked for you dog’s use.
Monthly savings: $30-40 a month.
(4) Brush your dog’s teeth
A visit to the vet for a teeth cleaning runs anywhere from $100-$300. If you get in the habit of brushing your dog’s teeth, and keeping plaque off, then you dog will not need a dental exam. Dental exams also require your dog to be anesthetized, which can be harmful if your dog has a heart condition. Many vets require blood work be done before anesthetization, which could increase the cost of the visit as well.
Dental cleaning savings: $100 – $300
(5) Ask for coupons
I personally use Natural Balance for my dogs, and the prices have been slowly creeping up. I called the company to ask for coupons, and they sent me an entire envelope full.
Savings: $1 – $10

(6) Find rabies clinics in your community
My town offers $10 rabies shot once per year. Adult dogs only need their rabies shots once every 3 years, a puppy needs their rabies shots at 5 months, one year later, then every 3 years (once the reach adult age). However, when it is time for their rabies shots, I find comfort knowing that the cost is only $20 for two dogs.
Rabies shot cost: $10 per dog (saves you a vet visit)
Hopefully, these tips afford you the opportunity to save.
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